26 fevereiro 2018

Atutürk: An Infographic on a Different Leader - By Vera Silva

In this post, we publish another infographic composed by student Vera Silva, on Atutürk.

Please respect authorship and cite this work using the following Bibliographical reference:

Silva, V. (2018). A Case Study on The leadership approach of Atutürk. Research oriented by PhD Patrícia Araújo within "Leadership and Negotiation" Curricular Unit and Presented at Ipam Leadership Challenge.2ª Ed. Porto: Portuguese Institute of Marketing and Administration.

Vera Silva-Atutürk_IPAM_Patricia Araujo Supervisor_Infographic

For a better Visualization, clique the image and then clique with right mouse button: >Save Image as , and store it in your PC/Mobile.

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